LexisNexis | Nexis® Solutions: Empowering Performance

Where enhanced data and intelligent technologies converge, helping organizations make confident decisions.

Nexis® Solutions, as part of LexisNexis® and the global RELX corporate family, connects organizations to market-leading data with a suite of scalable solutions, designed to help companies establish and maintain trusted third-party relationships.

Our flexible solutions empower companies to:

  • Conduct efficient third-party screening and risk-aligned due diligence on a person or entity using the powerful, AI-enabled linking and filtering technologies built into our research platforms.
  • Implement ongoing monitoring across PESTLE factors to enable proactive responses to emerging threats.
  • Easily integrate enriched, connected data into in-house risk management workflows or risk analytics engines using flexible data APIs.
  • Share actionable insights across your organization to enable data-driven decisions